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What a pain in the...

Well the youth zone at summer wine was a lot of fun, there were an awesome bunch of young people there, particularly a crew from the Chinese Anglican Mission which had to be the rowdiest of the bunch. It was nice to have no "superstar" speakers or worship leaders, and have an awesome to hanging in with God. Very cool.
I was pretty nailed at the end of the camp, two camps on the trot exposed the reality that the days are over where I could happily live in a tent and charge around for weeks on end with no apparent change in energy.
I was looking forward to a couple of chill out days, however these have being robbed from me by a right pain in the stomach. Went to the doc this arvo and it is possibly appendicitis, but its not at a stage where they are 100% so I have to wait around for another 24 hours to see if it gets worse or whether my body does a kung foo hit on it and sorts it out. I reckon I have a jackie chan style immune system so hoping that I don't have to have the ol brave heart, rip out your guts operation.

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“What a pain in the...”

  1. Anonymous adam Says:

    haha. i had my appendix out just before New Year's. it kinda ruined my plans, but now i have a cool scar. i've been told that chicks dig scars, but after having showed my scar to a few chicks, i still don't have a g/f. maybe i need a bigger scar...