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Sweet Tunes

Ok, please check out the twig records myspace site, and have a listen to the two tracks there. I especially want to get all over-stimulated about the track "grey matters". This complete genius called Tim Armstrong has written and played just about every track on that song and his upcoming album. He is a freaken machine, I would gladly throw my undies at him in concert any day of the week, the frustration is that he very rarely performs. I'm not one to get all crazy about artists, especially musicians but this guy deserves some respect, and is one of those wonderfully strange musical freaks that come along, absolutely unknown, and yet writing music as good as any I have heard.

I have got a lot out of the last couple of conversations on music, and have had a lot of food for thought. Some of my views have shifted quite considerably thanks to some of the comments... so cheers for that. And im pretty amped that Marcos Curiel is rejoining POD, with Jason Truby on guitars as well, this is going to be one interesting line up, and will make the next POD album worth the investment just to hear where they go.

Shesh, there is a lot of music talk on this blog...


“Sweet Tunes”

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