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Update day 3

Slightly cooler weather today to everyones relief! There were a few burnt guys wandering around the sight this morning after yesterdays crazy sun.

Another great day, both Darryl Gardiner and Mike Pilavachi hit them out of the park in the main meetings, all the seminars cranked and the event seems to just feel more and more alive. It has being a huge day for me personally with some very deep and profound conversations with some friends who (probably unintentionally) really cut to the heart and God has being speaking to me really clearly today about some stuff. A bit of a beautifully painfall day. Its a real pain in the butt, I want to be the sorted leader, the truth is I really want and need God to bring some healing and hope to me this week as much as the next guy.

I'm really excited about the service projects happening tomorrow arvo.

Must sleep now, thanks again for your prayers and encouragment.


“Update day 3”

  1. Blogger Elliot Says:

    Awesome to hear it's going/was going/has gone so well bro! And even more stoked your getting something out of it to and not just running round being a martha.

    Must catch up for coffee!