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The K town boys and some SS photos

Ok, firstly I am sending subliminal jealous vibes to my boys from Karori who are on their way to the big day out... tool, muse, jet, the violent vemes, the killers, freaken jealous (not the band, thats my feeling after writing that list of glory).
I have being thinking a wee bit about the karori lads and lasses, and how cool it has being to hang out with them over the last four years. There has being a very cool transition from "sam the youth pastor" and the boys he gets paid to hang out with, to a bunch of mates that totally rock my world, and I consider as great friends. We've being on a holiday a couple of times last year, and these larikens totally enrich my world.

Im just about to launch into four days of camp, im leading worship twice a day, have two seminars and a main meeting, so its going to be a rather busy time. In fact its way more busy than soul survivor was for me, which is a reflection of the ninjas we had there. I have a bunch of photos from people that were there - they will be on the soul survivor website shortly. But here are a couple to whet your appetite, and make you book yourself in for next year... Will try and upload some from the afternoon serving events, some of the bands and other gaps later...

The Late Night story with Mason, went orf!!

The Twister Tournament... NZ vs the rest of the world. NZ won

My tent... there will be justice

The Steward Team, the servant legends of the event

Main Meeting in the morning...

The Horizontal Bungy was sweeeeeet

Emo Music every night at the cafe... *sob*

Cafe where all the deep and meaningful yarns happened

Mike Pilavachi in full flight during a Main Meeting

The Marquee

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“The K town boys and some SS photos”

  1. Blogger Ninja Steps Says:

    love you 2 sam! Enjoy the company. You havnt really grown up much! Just changed you hair. hahaha. Nah you the man! See you soon hopefulyl for some poker!


  2. Blogger Dave Wells Says:

    Good photoes Harvey.

    I have a blog now. It is called Bare Theology. I talk about youth ministry stuff mostly and I haven't figured out how to put up pictures yet. Everyone says "it is the little yellow icon on the side when you are in the edit post screen". Bull- s$&t. I can't find it!

  3. Blogger lis Says:

    sounds like 07's launching itself as the biggest and bestest for you yet:) loving the updates from this end of the world.

  4. Anonymous Rob Says:

    Hey bro, you didn't miss out on much, I've seen pub bands play better than tool, ever see that agent'c outfit? one word... incredible.

    Anyway fancy a trip to see a real concert??
    If only I had the cash money, that would be a glorious day to rival our U2 adventure.

  5. Blogger Aidan Says:

    Dude!!! Who took those awesome photos?!?!?!?!?


    Nice Blog.

    Big Ups.