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Blessing of the Flu

Saturday, March 29, 2008 by Sam

Ive had some sort of flu for the last couple of days, which has not being cool for churchy stuff. I hate operating through the fog and achy vibe. But it has being really good to be forced to slow right down, and while ive being feelin pretty wrecked for the last couple of days, I have slowly begun to feel human again. I've watched a bunch of "house" episodes, and generally blobbed out for the last day and a bit. Im gona take it pretty easy for the next day or two before things take off again on tuesday. It has being a very long time since I have had something that resembles a normal weekend, and I am loving it.

For His Glory

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 by Sam

I have being reflecting a bit on what may be our theme for next years Soul Survivor festival "For His Glory". There is a real heavy verse in Isaiah 42:8 that says "I won't let idols or humans share my glory and praise".
Its an interesting one, on one hand it is not saying we shouldn't encourage each other, on the other there is not a lot of room for puffed up pride. In a world that has elevated anyone on a stage, they are words worth reflecting on. I like that as we look to bring God glory it incorporates our character, our serving, our songs, our attitudes, our study - all of life. I think John's words "I must decrease and he must increase" are incredible, though to be honest it looks like most people in the christian scene are often working pretty hard to increase. Anyway, they are not fully developed thoughts at this point, but it has being a good couple of days really reflecting on what this means for me. And the paradox for me has being that this period of reflection on these fairly heavy words (esp after easter camp) has being really healing and given context and perspective to the last couple of weeks charging around. Hopefully at some point in the future I can articulate with a bit more clarity the impact these verses are having...


Sunday, March 23, 2008 by Sam

Today is a great day for three reasons.
1 we celerbrate that Jesus rose from the dead today. My faith rests on this being true.
2 I finished my talks for the èaster camp I am at. I now get to charge around and enjoy the camp with no responsibilities.
3 lent is over!!!
I just had my first coffee since forever. It was awesome. I missed coffee a lot. I dreamnt I was drinking it time and time again. It is such an amazing drink.




Wednesday, March 19, 2008 by Sam

Wow, so ive neglected this blog like a dead house plant.

I would blame a very busy season since January - but when marko and steve taylor and frank ritchie and all the rest of them manage to blog with way bigger fish to fry, I can only blame it on a "growing phase" - And so I am learning to work smarter not harder. Perhaps blaming the fact ive moved into town and we dont have internet at home... I dunno - ive got nothing...
Im carrying a lot more responsibility at church this year which has being really great for developing areas that have not being too stretched in the last couple of years. There is a great team and crew at blueprint.

Ive visited Auckland, Palmy and Christchurch in the last three weeks, sharing with pastors and youth workers as part of the Alpha Training days, and had some great yarns with crew around the place. Im off to Hamilton tomorrow to speak at the BYM Easter Camp at Mystery Creek. It should be a good weekend catching up with friends from around the northern part of the island. Im a little daunted by the thought of speaking to 3500 kids, but im sure its going to be a blast.

A bunch of work being done towards the first Soul Survivor Roadshow around the north island in two weeks. We are visiting Auckland, Rotorua, Feilding and Wellington. Info can be found at the Soul Survivor website.

Misc Music discoveries: Jon Foreman (lead singer from Switchfoot) has a great solo album out called fall and winter
Live Worship From Victory Fellowship features worship lead by Paul Meany of mutemath fame, as well as Darren King on drums. Mutemath meets worship, can it get any better?

Books read so far this year: "They like Jesus but not the church" by Dan Kimball - good book but it was preaching to the choir.
"Couragous Leadership" by Billy Hybels, a re-read that I have enjoyed but also critiqued a bit harder this time through it.
"Irreistable Revolution" by Shane Claibourne which I loved. A very challenging and uncomfortable read.
"Spiritual Leadership" by Oswald Chambers - a classic that has being great to get stuck into.

And then a whole bunch of zone out books. My current read in this vein is the autobiography of Slash, the guitarist from Guns and Roses... the tagline "It may seem excessive, but that doesnt mean it didnt happen". Entertaining and tragic at the same time.

Alright... would love your prayers overs the weekend if it pops into your head.

P.s. I havent giving up on blogging entirely, it just may be a bit more sparodic for a while!