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Happy 21st Pete!

Im getting ready for a big night, its my bro's 21st! The beer is stacked in the fridge, our cheap gazeebo (that we have set up for the very first time, and managed to break!!) is set up, the spit roast is getting fired up, and there is that cool feeling of looking forward to having a night laughing with ya mates.
My bro is my hero, and with countless surf trips and shanadigans we have become best mates over the years.
The reason pete is a hero is that he is a dude that totally lives out the christian life, and is pretty low key about talking about it. Pete is one of those rare people whose practice actually lines up with his theory... which is pretty convicting because im one of the many many people whose theory looks very diffrent from their practice. While im all about talking about it, pete actually lives for others, is an amazing servant, has given himself to work for urban vision and looks after and shares life with people on the fringes.
The other thing is that everyone in our family is looking forward to him cranking out some business once he finishes his accounting degree (mainly coz we need the financial support), I may have got the hair, but pete got the brains.

Happy 21st bro, you da man!!!


“Happy 21st Pete!”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    just waiting for the day when i get a blog written about me any time sam.... :)love ur sister! gabrielle ....

  2. Blogger Samwise Gamgee Says:

    Dear Gabrielle. I appreciate your comment, however there is the little issue of your behaviour that will hinder me singing your praises for a little while yet.
    However if you cook me three nice meals, and bring me a coffee to my room every morning for the next week I will consider writing something.
    Kind regards

    Your brother Sam

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I agree with Sam on this one. Gabrielle, you need to respect your brother and acknowledge him as the first born. You also need to remind him of his witty humour, ridiculous good looks, and intellectual brilliance.