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Soul survivor day one

I will endeavour to update my Blog from the soul survivor festival. Not so much for anyone not here reading this, but mainly so I have written down somewhere the events that are unfolding.

It has being an incredible start to the event. The set up has being disturbingly easy and smooth. The site and production team have totally nailed it.

I was really nervous about what the first night would be like; would the kids get anything out of it, would the speaker connect, would anyone even turn up?

But the amazing thing is that the first meeting rocked, a number of kids became Christians tonight, the music worship was fantastic, and I'm curently sitting in the cafe listening to an acoustic artist typing on my blackberry with a smile on my dial.

This historic first night of soul survivor, and this very significant day in my life is coming to an end, and I could not be more blown away by this incredible God that has blown apart my expectations yet again. And this is night one, four more days to go!!!!



“Soul survivor day one”

  1. Blogger marko Says:

    really happy for you, sam. i'll be praying for you this week.