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Merry Christmas you crazy animals

Well its time we took off the "critical, grumpy angry at the world" pants and put on the "happy Christmas, full off joy and the world just rocks" pants.

If there is one thing that we can agree on (hopefully!) its that God is pretty darn creative. My gosh he has to be when you look at the weird and wonderful people charging around on this planet (yes I'm talking about you... and me).
And as people that reflect something of that creativity, there is some amazing art around the place. On the music front, here are a couple of bands that rock my world for being creative nutters.

Clip one, band called Mutemath out of New Orleans. These guys are wild wild performers. It is well worth subscribing to their (free) video podcast through itunes. This clip is from the late late show in the states. At this point earlier this year they were virtually unknown, and yet go on the show and completely blow up the place... very very cool.

And it wouldnt be Christmas without pausing to remember one of the greatest bands that has influenced my thinking and music taste more than any other. Rage against the Machine. Tom Morello pioneered some insane sounds and melodies on his guitar, and Zac de la Rocha screamed out his vocals paving the way for all the "new metal" stuff that followed. The band were absolutely nuts about justice issues a whole decade before it was the "cool" thing for bands to be doing. This clip captures something of their passion.

Thanks for all the great chats throughout the year, I might try and write some reflections about 2006 sometime because it has being a truly amazing year.

Have an awesome Christmas, and a sweet new years. Bring on 2007, its going to be a goodie!

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“Merry Christmas you crazy animals”