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Update day 4 - 5 and end of first festival

My phone died, which is why the updates ground to a halt. The Saturday afternoon projects at Soul Survivor will have to be a highlight. I drove around with Nikki who was taking some footage of the projects, and it was incredibly to see all that was happening. It felt like around every corner there were a bunch of young people from Soul Survivor doing something practical to help out the local community. Groups of kids were doing garden work in a retirement home, washing cars, chopping wood at a school, walking up a stream cleaning out rubbish, painting a room in a community centre, clearing weeds in a reserve, doing housework for elderly people . It was just incredible. Full credit to the churches in Fielding for an incredible effort organising the afternoon.
The last night was a lot of fun with the after hours program. There was a giant twister competition between NZ and the visitors from overseas. Happy to report NZ one convincingly.

I'm on day one of recovery, have a lot to process, there is that lingering bitter sweet feeling of being really stoked with how well the event went, and the the whole Soul Survivor NZ team are stoked, but also processing a whole of junk that came to the surface in my life over the week. Long walk along the beach in order this arvo.

I'm deeply deeply grateful to so many of the volunteers that made the event a success, Socttie Reeves doing the after hours entertainment, Andrew Galloway cranking the production, the cafe team. The hero of the event has to be Jon Cumming, the man who did all the site management and worked huge days to make everything run smoothly.
Bring on Soul Survivor 2008


“Update day 4 - 5 and end of first festival”

  1. Anonymous Stu Mcgregor Says:

    hey bro, i'm so pleased it was a success! even on the painful and personal front as well...

    i just had a thought . . . why make it annual? why not every two years? give people some space and also a sense of anticipation? it also resists the urge to exist on the momentum of the previous year and let each event stand more on its own merits...

    also, for a small organisation this can be a real resource consumer.

    'dunno, but i thought i'd throw that in there.

  2. Blogger the ROCK says Says:

    Hi Sam... glad to hear that everything went well... congrats!! I was just wondering what the whole thing was about and what the theme or the main thrust of the event was. Sorry if you have talked about it somewhere else...


  3. Blogger Scottie Says:

    What an amazing time! I'm so
    stoked to have been a part of it.
    Can't wait to debrief.


  4. Blogger Andrew Says:

    Quite possibly the most satisfying event I have been involved in... to the point that in a weak, sleep deprived moment yesterday I think I promised you I'd help with the next one as well!

    Thanks Sam for all you've done with this 'event'. It's because of the fact that you struggle with yourself and question everything that keeps it real.

    I agree with Scottie... roll on the debrief... plenty of stuff to unpack and loads of new ideas!

  5. Anonymous Annie Flack Says:

    Hey Sam, you crazy monkey!
    Well done!! So glad it all went so well. I've heard great reports. Praise God.
    Let's chat soon. I'd love to hear the more detailed version of it all. Have a seriously relaxed week or two!