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Tuesday, November 11, 2008 by Sam

Ive being super slack with this blog... and at the end of the day ive got no excuse - so many of my mates seem to be able to crank really full lives and keep their blog filled with insights and amazing thoughts.  There are a bunch of things i've thought about writing but there is so much happening at the moment that it hasnt being a priority to sit down and write - again I am in awe of a bunch of cats that have way bigger responsibilities and make it a priority.

Anyway, to fill some more space and buy some more time, hows this for a cracker poltical ad.

Its a huge week

Monday, November 03, 2008 by Sam

Its fascinating that here in lil ol New Zealand, most people are more intrigued about what is happening in the American election than our own.  That being said, its going to be an exciting to week to watch the political landscape (hopefully) change.

I am an unashamed Obama fan, check out this great vid of him stirring up the crowds.  

And this website is interesting - cast your vote!