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21st update

Ok, crazy night. An absolutely picture perfect evening, party was going so well. However it all turned a bit pear shaped when a big group crashed our bonfire at the beach, and after sitting around for a while took an unprovoked swing at one of my Bros mates. Before you knew it there was a small riot. Anyway the police turned up pretty quick, and have one of them in custody, and the picture and name of another. Pete got a bottle to the head, one of the girls got a punch to the face, and a number of the boys were on the receiving end of some fists to the face. All totally unprovoked and out of no-where. Might post a picture of the idiots on my blog tomorrow. Anyway, its 3 in the morning, time to hit the hay. Certainly going to be a night to remember!

“21st update”

  1. Blogger Sir H C Llenrad Says:

    Wowsers. Intense.

    Not the end to the night I imagined when I left!

    And happy birthday Pete!

  2. Blogger Dave Wells Says:

    Good party boys. Happy birthday Pete, hope all your injuries are healing up well... that will be another story to tell your grandkids Sam... if you ever get around to that.

    Can't wait to yarn. See you soon