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Deep as a Puddle is Two Years Old!

Its my blogs birthday!  Two years ago a young naive inexperienced opinionated man with a little buddah belly sat down and wrote this post.  The first birthday of this blog had better news on the stats, but I think I cared a lot more about them, and posted a lot more.  The blog has had to take a back seat a little with my role at blueprint changing at the beginning of this year, and so.  I also suspect I have mellowed out a bit, or chosen to direct my critiques and questions to conversation and to process less of it on the blog.  Its a lot more difficult to be misunderstood while ranting to a friend, its real easy to be misunderstood on the blog.  I still really enjoy processing and reflecting on this medium, its a cool way of staying in touch with peeps.  

Significant posts of the last year.  
This post looks at some of the change in my perspective about what was important in life.  Some cool photos from my trip to Manila last year.  This post stirred up the bees nest and got everyone all warmed up.  This is my reflections from the
 second soul survivor festival this year.  The best gig of my life, and without a doubt the most anticipated show of my life finally happened, not once, but twice!  This article by Mike Pilavachi is a must read.  One of my big rants of the year is the place of doubt, questions, mystery and theological exploration which I gave to blueprint earlier this year.  And more recently this post on the place of church was good to express.  

Having a rummage round, im again just amazed at the amazing experiences and the great friends that make this life so rich.  

“Deep as a Puddle is Two Years Old!”

  1. Anonymous Frank Says:

    Happy B'Day Deep as a Puddle!! It's been a great ride so far.

  2. Anonymous Rich Drake Says:

    Great stuff Sam, i've enjoyed catching up on the old posts you mentioned. Love your ongoing contributions to thoughtful living. Happy birthday blog!

  3. Blogger Pstyle Says:

    nice one Sam. So many blogs have come and gone in that time. Good to see you've kept posting