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Mumbo Jumbo

Got a new set of wheels, largely credit to the genius of my bro. He totally walked me through the process of sifting through the lemons and the possibilities. Walked away with the same make and model as my old car (Honda Integra), but five years younger, and with 130 000 less kms on the clock. Its in great nick and I am stoked. Go the auctions for sweet deals. No more stress at intersections wondering whether the car will conk out on me. No more driving around with no warrant. Yeeeuusss.

Im off to Christchurch tomorrow, and am looking forward to spending time with my friends from Grace Vineyard. This trip came about through the invitation of a guy called Bruce Collins who was here earlier this year. We had some good yarns, and he invited me to travel with him on this trip around NZ with New Wine. Because of The Noise and a few other things I couldn't do the whole trip but am stoked to hang out for the next couple of days.
The reason I am making this a priority is because Bruce is one of the most thought out guys theologically and in practice that I know on ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit.
I shudder as soon as I write that last sentence because of how loaded it is. Words like "prophetic" and "healing" and "ministry" seem to be almost taboo words these days. And I can understand why, ive being seriously burnt, manipulated and abused by this stuff. I might have to tell something of my story around that sometime. And a blog is a stupid place to raise this stuff, but on this post im nailing my colours to the flag.
I think there is a place, and a prominent one at that, for this sort of "mumbo jumbo" as my friend Darryl calls it. Its a key value and part of Soul Survivor, its increasingly becoming a healthy part of the Blueprint community. When this stuff is biblically grounded and we create a space and the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to move in our gatherings, I believe that there is an opportunity in such times of "ministry" to bring healing and hope and freedom.
And so I am wanting to hang out with Bruce to learn and listen and soak in as much as I can. I do not want to have a "form of godliness but deny its power". I want the whole enchilada.

My name is Sam, and I am no longer a closet charismatic.

“Mumbo Jumbo”

  1. Blogger Debs Says:

    That's really great to hear. For a few months now I've been feeling like a bit of a freak at church - thinking crikey what's going on here, are we suddenly afraid of the Holy Spirit, are we afraid to let manifest the gifts?

    I dont know all the technical words so please no hasseling.

    I felt like the Lord wanted/wants me to minister to people and to the church through various means (which i dont feel like getting in to for fear of feeling like a freak), perhaps some people know what I mean.

    So I squashed what the Lord wanted to do through me. If I felt the power of the Holy Spirit come upon me during a service i would panic and try and squash it, feeling embarresed for my outpouring of the spirit and the way in which that can be used through me. Even leading up to camp I was a little anxious and thought "no Lord, please dont use me tonight, Im not ready to be singled out". I understand that many people operate in the gifts in a variety of ways, some are gentle and quiet, others, such as myself, are not.

    Yes there is a time and a place for these things - my concern is that when the Lord was telling me Debs I want you to minister to the church in this way NOW I would panic and resist.

    I still do a little, but knowing that other family members in blueprint are beginning to, umm, perhaps accept the outworkings of the Holy Spirit, makes me feel a little more at ease and I will begin again to put my trust in the Lord and see how it all pans out.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Blogger marko Says:

    dude, so glad you got a new car! i remember that old piece of crap sputtering into that corrogated tin town we had lunch in.

  3. Blogger BK Says:

    Nice bro! Have had similar experience of "coming out" in this respect too...

    love your line: "When this stuff is biblically grounded and we create a space and the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to move in our gatherings, I believe that there is an opportunity in such times of "ministry" to bring healing and hope and freedom."

    that's it bro.

    enjoy Chch
    talk soon!

  4. Anonymous Helen Says:

    Ooh this is my first time at commenting here so bear with me....I'll try to be brief.
    Thanks Debs for speaking up -I like you thought I was kinda on my own at BP. Having seen in others and experienced for myself the healing and freedom that can come from the power of the Holy Spirit I had been longing for that "outpouring" at BP.
    From speaking with others I get the impression that because it is such a 'taboo' subject there is often a simple lack of understanding of the Holy Spirit. (something which,like you say, is way too big to go into on a blog)
    I think,in order to TRY to avoid the pain/hurt/misunderstanding that can come along with ministry in the Holy Spirit, clear teaching and even clearer guidelines are necessary.
    This is merely my very humble opinion though.....hopefully Sam you will be able to share with BP what you learn from Bruce, I'd be really interested to hear what happens!


  5. Anonymous Isaac Says:

    Well, you got the title of your blog spot on.

  6. Blogger Sharyn Says:

    Hey, just so you know it is unendingly comforting to know that there are other Christians out there who are 'emergent' and charismatic. Both. At the same time. My best friend and I would both class ourselves in this strange category, but we often feel totally alone in it. So thanks! You rock!

  7. Blogger Jason Dollar Says:

    I enjoyed the juxtaposition of your physical journey issues (the new ride) and your spiritual journey issues (whole enchilada).