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I can touch my nose...

Right, so the time has come to lift my game and do the whole blog thing. The worst things about starting a blog is... starting. I love reading blogs, but it feels lame starting one. No one will actually read this for ages, and then Im thinking about how little I have to say for the most part, and that there is nothing else on this blog at the moment apart from this silly post. But in spite of all that, it will probably be a good habit to get into, even if it is just me who looks at it from time to time, I wouldnt be suprised if I dissagree with most of what I write! Ironically one of of the blogs (tall skinny kiwi) I love looking at regulary is on a blog fast, and I wonder what can of worms I have opened up...

The best title for a very first post (in my explorations of peoples first posts) has to be Chris Darnells first post; It's new, it's hairy, and it's coming soon to a noodlehouse near you. What a legend

Onwards and upwards

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“I can touch my nose...”

  1. Anonymous Matt Parlane Says:

    Hi Sam...

    Just wanted to let you know that I will be checking here from time to time. No pressure or anything... :)

  2. Anonymous stu Mcgregor Says:

    this better be bloody worth my while reading it.

    welcome to the world of tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous Ninja Steps Says:

    Im going to check! lol your procrastinating! Nothing to stimulate the mind!

  4. Anonymous andrew jones (tall skinny kiwi) Says:

    blog fasting gives me more time to read blogs like yours.

    hope all is well in NZ

  5. Blogger Sez Says:

    ...but can you do it with your tongue??!!