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This weekend has to be up there with one of the best. I had my birthday party/masons farewell which at 6pm friday night was completely unplanned (as in no venue, ideas, nada, nothing, zip, bugger all). So at the last minute decide to have the thing at the flat, rip out grab some food, party hats etc, by 7:30 most people have arrived and things start going crazy. Below is a video of the manic dancing the ensued for hour after hour. Im not one for dancing (see this post), but clocked up some serious hours cranking it out on friday. A stunner of a night, absolutely awesome.

And then on Saturday we had our Soul Active day, this a picture of the crew I was with, we cleaned gutters and streets for the city council. Great bunch of guys and lots of laughs and some great time of worship. It was great to hear Ants speak again, the last time we hung out together was at an easter camp earlier this year, and Rachel Oconner, who is lots of fun and very inspiring to hang with.

Church tonight was great, and I am now up the coast hanging with my bro hoping to do some fishing tomorrow on my day off. Die little fishies.


  1. Blogger Tash McGill Says:

    looks like you had a great time sammy!!! almost as good as the whiskey and cubans I was sharing with Marko...hehehe... I will save some bushmills and tobacco for your arrival... bring on sept.