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Really long day yesterday, 13 plus hours cranking it, was really knackered when I got home to this...

Some mongrel had smashed a window, grabbed a chair from outside, broken into my room, absolutely trashed it and made off with a bunch of stuff. I am incredibly relieved that all my guitar gear was at church, my laptop was with me and my surfboards are in the main part of the flat. So I am hopeful that nothing to major is gone. One of my good mates xbox that was on loan to me got pinched which sucks big time.

Not exactly the finish to the day I would have liked! But anyhoo, you gota laugh at life sometimes!


  1. Anonymous servant Says:

    Hey bro, feeling for you at the moment and wishing we lived closer together so we could get together over a beer and process some of this stuff.

    Pretty hefty having to deal with the Mike thing with the church and then come home to this.

    When are you around Auckland next?

  2. Blogger A. J. Chesswas Says:

    Bro that stinks...