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Rage Gig

Ok, so my apologies for the lack of activity on the blog, I got back from Auckland, had a wedding on Sunday, moved into my flat on Monday, had a full day at work yesterday, as a little known band says "the rage is relentless"

Segue to my review of the Rage against the Machine gig on Friday. Without a doubt this gig eclipses any other gig that I have ever being to. After waiting six hours in the D (the barricaded fence around the mainstages), and enjoying performances by the Shihad and The Arcade Fire, tolerating performances by Pluto, Bjork, and a few other Aussie bands, the moment came when the boys came on stage. I was surrounded by great friends, I was meters away from the stage and then...

I am still in a state of bliss. Jump on YouTube and have a look at some of the clips from the Auckland BDO, I would post more, but the language of some of the songs would probably get me in trouble (if you are not easily offended check out this clip to see how hard the crowd was going from the front to the back - warning though - offensive language). It was their first show outside of America since they got back together, and they cranked out an awesome setlist, including Tire Me, Bulls on Parade, Vietnow, Township Rebellion, Wake Up etc. They poured huge amounts of passion into the gig, and their antics on stage were mindblowing.

For a certain generation the reformation of Californian rock militants and past BDO headliners Rage Against the Machine is a certain generation's equivalent to the Led Zep reunion. After a delay to kick off, they got a heroes' welcome - and a giant crowd crush - and churned through the rap-rock anthems as if there was no yesterday. NZ herald review

I have waited all my life to see these guys - they are by far my favourite band. And the show surpassed my very high expectations, it was an awesome show. In between every song I would get all excited again waiting for them to start another riff that would send me back out into orbit. I'm off to Melbourne on Sunday to see them in action again. I'm broke as a joke, but this is one of those things that just has to be done.

Im still very happy : )

“Rage Gig”