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The Week

Big week, had my birthday yesterday, im now a grown up mature wise 27 year old... mmm yeah right. Yikes where did the last 10 years go? Birthdays are funny things, its just another day in many ways, but also a time of almost forced reflection. This year the time of reflection has come out fairly positive outside of one or two things that are beyond my control. I am grateful for what I do, thankful for my friends, love my church. Its a good perspective kicker though, once again its a reminder that serving others is really what counts. To quote Tom Right... I mean Tom Wright
"When God acted in Jesus the Messiah, he not only revealed himself fully (God); he revealed fully what genuine human life was like – and it turns out to be deeply self-sacrificial".

Hanging with some of the crew to celebrate my bday and to say farewell to Mason, blueprinter of the year 2007. Soul Survivor is running a Soul Active day tomorrow, church on Sunday and then a chilled out day off on monday.

“The Week”