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Rage 2.0

I can now die a happy man having successfully watched Rage against the Machine play live in concert twice. Round two was with my mates Shannon and Rob at the Melbourne Big day Out yesterday. This time we waited eight and a half long hours in the D (inner circle thingee) in the blistering hot sun, listening to average band after average band (apart from The Arcade Fire, Midnight Juggernauts, and perhaps Hiltop Hoods). It just served to highlight how incredible this band is. Im not one for throwing my undies at bands but for a whole bunch of reasons this band float my boat and bring a big smile to the dial. It was another huge set, with a bunch of differences to the Auckland set list that made the whole thing worth the mission.
Had a recovery day today, and going to see a bit of Melbourne tomorrow before shooting home on Thursday to get back into it...
Being mulling over a whole bunch of things recently, but have being frustrated by the lack of time to process them properly. Hoping to hit some kind of groove for the year at some point shortly.

In other news, my search for a flatmate is over, a lot less stress with that development, and im totally loving in the middle of town. Wellington flippin rocks, and living in the heart of the city is sweet. No more nasty commutes, and no more hassles with parking. I can almost hear the pressure valve going off. My plan is to get a long board and skate to work, my plan is to eat healthy, my plan is to finally act like a christian, my plan is to work out and loose my puku, my plan is to become completely sorted on every level, my plan is to master the art of administration, my plan is to fly to the moon...

“Rage 2.0”

  1. Blogger DaYouthGuy Says:

    OK the middle aged guy from the other side of the planet wants to know:

    What's a puku?

    While I'm not a Rage Against the Machine guy myself I AM looking forward to checking out one of my all time favorite concerts. I'll be totally enraptured by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band next month.


  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Sam. Karl from Incedo, we have a selection of boards we use with our young fullahs in Wainui. If you wanted to check out style options and how they ride before you commit your dollers- let me know. We roll with Sector 9 decks. Grab my number from Andrew G.

  3. Blogger BK Says:

    I'd better repent.

    Stoked I got to see RATM in AK though, so just because you got two shows I won't be bitter. How awesomely intense, energetic & invigorating were they!? ha, fantastic.

    although on a different level, I was stoked to see Switchfoot at Parachute on the weekend anyway - they are a world class act.

    so two of my top 5-10 bands in one week. happy man.

    your plan for 08 is tops too bro... look forward to watching blog to see how that goes for ya ;)