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Midwinter Sludge

There is a certain point normally around this time of year when life kinda bites. I think its the lack of sun, cold, rainy days with a sense of groundhog to the days and weeks - and for heaps of people its a real tough place where things seem to hit the fan a little more frequently and with a little more ease than they normally do.

Two recent posts in the order that they need to be read that reflect well the place that I find myself at the moment.

And to completely overstate things and get all dramatic (coz I am absolutely no where near living to the ideals of this statement below.... by many country miles) check out this great quote

HT Markitos

And finally an amazing quote that I found on my mate Nick's facebook page (how embarrassing).

"We are the middle children of history. We have no war and we have not lived through any great depression. Our war is a spiritual one, our great depression is our lives"

“Midwinter Sludge”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    that last quote is from fight club...