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My apologies for the lack of activity on the blog, had a sweet time in Auckland - however somehow picked up a stomach bug (i think its food poisoning) that has left me running to the loo to deposit the contents of my stomach pouring out my mouth on a regular basis, and lying in bed not wanting to do anything - achy etc.

Stoked that Paul Potts won the "Britians Got Talent" contest... ol Paul Potts is going to be an amazing illustration of the kingdom of God in future talks. What a legend. Check out the performance here


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  1. Anonymous bernie Says:

    Saaaaaaaaaaaaam how nasty. It was great meeting you on Monday - glad I didn't feed you anything so it wasn't our house you got sick at :-) Just found your blog and have had fun reading different bits of it and watching Mason the Joy Pastor. Give him greetings from us - yup, we know him well. Really is a small world. Hope you are feeling better real soon. blessings Bernie and Pete