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Me and Chris Darnell are hanging in Wanganui this weekend at the "youth of the nation" conference. Although at this very moment I am watching Chris crank out a talk at the CCC palmy youth group. I have asked him to use the word "mega" in his talk as many times as he can tonight. I don't know if I'm a good influence on the lad. But I think I am letting him off light with that word.

"you are part of Gods mega plan"

Too easy.

Chris is a living legend, and I can't believe we get to hang out so much as we lead soul survivor together with the rest of the team. There is a depth with the guy that is powerful. I was bragging about Chris to my mate dave wells this morning. I think Chris is one of the best youth pastors out there. A very switched on cat.



  1. Blogger A. J. Chesswas Says:

    Mate talk about Christianville. My old buddies from Redline etc. days Sam and Chris spending the weekend at Wanganui, same place where my new Anglican buddies Ian, Nigel and Ryan have taken their youth group. Preaching at the youth group of my old Palmy church CCC on the way, and talking it up with a fellow Taranakkiite Dave Wells.

    We must be due a catch up mate... I am passing thru Wangavegas in a few hours on my way to Palmy for the CCC ball... Will spare a thought for the conglomeration of youth leader friends doing the business for Jesus as I go...