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Supergroove Goodness

Shesh its being reunion paradise for fans of a bunch of bands lately (Rage against the Machine, Cream, The Police, and... wait for it... oh this is so exciting... The Spice Girls).
While knowing that Crowded House were back together, I had no idea that Supergroove were also back together to support them on there NZ tour. I am excited like a little school girl, there are not a lot of bands that I would throw my undies at in a excited mess of joy, but both of those bands are worthy in my opinion and if it means camping out to get good tickets... im there. I honestly cant think of two New Zealand bands that I would want to see more.

Its a big day for other reasons as well... but will be blogging about that later on... wow a two part blogging day. Its like an episode of shortland street.

Here's Supergroove rockin it out.

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“Supergroove Goodness”

  1. Blogger Tash Says:

    talk about having to impatiently wait for part two...

  2. Blogger Sez Says:

    oh my oh my... samuel u have made me a very very happy girl with this little bit of information :o)
    u r my hero of the week 4 that!

  3. Blogger Sam Says:

    Haha, thanks sarah!! Tickets go on sale on friday, though if you register at the frontier touring website you can get presales. Yay!!!