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Telling Others

Well I'm off to Auckland for another Youth Alpha training day this weekend (and to catch up with a bunch of different peeps for Soul Survivor... cant wait :) Its got me thinking about the word evangelism (which scares me to be honest). I honestly think Jesus is the best news ever (and I know that sounds cheesy, but how else do you say it). There are a bunch of approaches to sharing this wonderfully life ruining person that discourage and frighten me, and the very very big theological issues that underpin evangelism do my head in.
But I love friendships, I am all about youth alpha and its relational dependence, it focus on food and small groups. And I am so impressed by people like Matt Holleman and Mr Pierce and others that seem to be able to share their faith so freely.

But all this really is just a segue (thanks debs) to this great clip. Part of me secretly wants to be like Dylan Moran (the crazy irish guy in this clip). I dont really know why.

And for something completely different, here is a clip from the wild band "No Longer Music". I was privileged enough to tour with NLM in 2002 throughout brazil, and it there were some incredible moments in crazy Satanist and Gothic nightclubs where the presence of God was like liquid as David Pierce preached a hardcore gospel to those on the fringe. My claim to fame is the opening song on the NLM set was written by me! It is called "No Alien Bullship" (lyrics by David... i wouldnt write anything that strange)

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“Telling Others”

  1. Blogger Tash Says:

    yay.. sam's coming to auckland..