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No bloggy woggy for a couple of days, being up in Wanganui as per last post, and had a blast at Matt and Monicas wedding yesterday, another blueprint wedding. For such a small church, there just seems to be wedding after wedding. Must be something in the water. Now if I could just find that tap...

Here is a video that has inspired me in youth work more than any other. I try and watch it once ever couple of months, or whenever I need a rev up. Mike Yaconelli died in 2003 but his life keeps on affecting people all around the place. Tribute, writing etc etc can be found here. I wish I could have heard him in the flesh, but I count it an honour to know the dude that stepped up to replace the man, Senor Marko de Los Angelos, another wild and wonderful creature. I would give my firstborn if Soul Survivor NZ could develop a reputation for cheering on and encouraging youth workers like Youth Specialties has in the states.