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Most Bizzare email I have received for quite some time

This is an excerpt from an email I received a couple of minutes ago from my good friend Nathan who is currently living in London. I could tell you a bunch of stories about this dude, he lives life to the full and when we hang out, fireworks happen! He was one of the first guys to make an effort to hang with me when our family came back from South America, and we have had some crazy adventures together over the last decade.

Subject: Hi from Iran

I saw you wrote something in Facebook, hopefully it's that photo i was asking bout.
I'm in Iran and facebook and bebo are banned here.
Iran's crazy, beautiful, friendly and altogether amazing, decided to go away last Friday night,
called work and told them i'm having this week off. Threw a dart at the atlas got Iran, jumped on Lastminute, got flights to Iran next day.
Talked my way into a visa (absolute miracle they wanted to deport me) and being crazy exploring since.

Well this is the photo Nath is talking about, travelling 180km down the Autostrada in Italy in a tiny little Italian car last year. Him driving, me taking the photo. It was all very surreal. Great times.

And this is us after weaseling our way into the Bank of New York building in London and walking around pretending like we owned the place. Makes me want to get up to some adventures. When was the last time you did something a little "out there"? Im real keen for some more stories...
I just hope ol Nath gets out alright...

“Most Bizzare email I have received for quite some time”