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Kingdom Moment

Occasionally there are moments in life where the least become the greatest. These are glimpses of a kingdom where the values are wonderfully upside down, where people who are at the bottom of the rung become great if just for a moment. This was one of these moments for me late last year.

Another was watching a home movie that my brother and friends were making for the film festival. There was this guy in the film who is a mental health client, and didnt really act at all but his character was the best in the film... everyone was coming up to him and congratulating him. It was brilliant. I could go on and on, these moments are absolutely beautiful.

And this is one of these moments, captured on film. This clip moves me to the core. Humility just oozes off this guy, a meekness of heart is evident, he clearly does not consider himself to be some big shot.

"For Paul Potts from South Wales, the world of show business seems a million miles away from his normal life as a mobile phone salesman. “By day I sell mobile phones but my dream is to spend my life doing what I feel I was born to do, sing Opera. But I really suffer with my confidence and I find situations like this really difficult.”

I see more of the character of Jesus in Paul Potts than I do in my own life by a long stretch. I want to be a person who helps usher in this upside down kingdom.

“Kingdom Moment”

  1. Blogger Sir H C Llenrad Says:

    Phil Potts is a flippin legend.

    Make sure you see his follow-up performance too. His comments at the beginning could spark a few sermons.