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What I am reading

I dont really understand the complexities of the political system, yet I thought this quote was really good;
"Virtually every significant decision that has proved to be for the good of humankind has come at a cost. It is rare that legislation that liberates slaves, or insists on a basic wage, or releases countries from debt, or creates equitable trade laws, or exposes corporate fraud, or educates the poor, or provides health care for the vulnerable, increases productivity or is otherwise cost-effective short term. And that is one of the great problems facing the facing the democratic world today; change for good often costs more in the short term, but our electoral systems make it very difficult for governments to pursue long-term policies".

Found in the first chapter of a book called "The undefended leader", kindly given to me by Rich from St Pauls, and so far a great read - speaking directly to issues that I am grappling with. Began this book yesterday.

I have just wrapped up "The Secret Message of Jesus", and recommend it without reservation. One of the most well written and concise books on exploring the Kingdom of God. If you read nothing else this year, read this one.

Am also halfway through "Money Sex and Power" by Richard Foster. Its not a new book (first published in 1985), but I am really enjoying the reflections on these three huge areas of life. Ironically Im not getting much money at all, getting no sex at all, and would question whether I have much power. But its great reading, and hopefully one day it will be useful (wink wink).

Re-read of the year so far has to be "Finding Life" by Ash Barker. He reflects on his life, mission, consumerism, and the people he encounters and what needs to be done in the slum of Klong Toey in Bangkok. Again, this is a must read in my opinion.

And have just finished Pete Wards book "selling worship" which was recommended to me by a couple of friends. I have being looking for something to read that would be a good challenge to the place of music worship in the church today. Particularly with my love of music worship, and the place this has within Soul Survivor. I was pretty disappointed though, it was more of a history of how things have grown through the UK and the States in the last couple of decades. Nothing hugely controversial in there I thought. Oh well.

Feeling much better today, no more spewing. Stoked.

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“What I am reading”

  1. Blogger Elliot Says:

    Money, Sex, Power eh? I hear a NZ *cough* youth magazine *cough* recently did a whole three magazine series based on this book.

    Thanks Fosty.

  2. Anonymous Chuck Says:

    If you like you politics - you should give 'Failed States" by Noam Chomsky a read. A bit of a ripper.

  3. Blogger Debs Says:

    How about reading this one by Celia Lashlie.

    The Journey to Prison: Who Goes and Why?

    Celia Lashlie was the first woman in New Zealand to work in a custodial role in a male prison, starting at Rimutaka Prison.

    The book is her account of prisoners in NZ prison system and she basis it around the idea that each prisoner was once a small child and we need to look at and take into account the mitigating factors in their live which may have led them down a path of distruction in the first place. I think its especially important for Christians to read it and have a better understanding of prisoners and how we can better serve them upon release, and also how we can best care for them while they are still young to help prevent them from commiting crime. Eg support for their families, community service, having a church that welcomes familes and people from all socio-economic background and not just 20 somthing year old $30,000+ pa people

    I'm feeling a small rant about prisoners etc coming on so I shall stop....

    But please read the book. Ive got it if you wanna borrow it.