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The best deal going

Check out this sweet auction, the best deal ever... go on!!!

Had a great time in Christchurch, would love to make it a place of residence some day. And every time I go to this church I come away totally encouraged and refreshed. I know that this conference looks so flipping "name it claim it" hypey manipulative styles. It was anything but, and it was very difficult to find fault in the theology of Bruce Collins. I found myself made very uncomfortable by Jesus yet again. I love/hate this about following Jesus. You start looking at his claims, teachings, promises and actions and it quickly gets uncomfortable. Bruce Collins recently had lunch with Michel Green and Alistair McGrath, and he jokes he was "interrogated" by the guys on his thinking and theology of healing/prophecy for two hours. He was given a complete theological bill of health by these fairly respected dudes which counts for a bit in my books (see the pun, see it?... health.... healing, hahaha arent I funny). And so the good theology spills over to practice, and my parameters for who God is, and His activity shifted dramatically these last couple of days.
For those cynical, sceptical (which is still my ongoing battle!) I would suggest that this is one of the few guys worth listening to on the divisive and difficult subject of healing and prophecy today. If you are uber keen I could try and track down the dvd's of the talks and post them to you. Let me know, or you can do the "non lazy" approach and get in touch directly with the guys at Grace Vineyard or New Wine.

I hope I have opened up the can of worms enough to generate interest in this one, but not enough to get me in trouble, or labelled a loony or "one of them". Here's hoping :)

By the way, how amazing is the new radiohead album? Had the privilege of writing the review of the album for the latest Soul Purpose mag, though trying to describe this album in 100 words is torture. So to ease the frustration, will dump my more extended thoughts in the next couple of days.

“The best deal going”

  1. Anonymous Kiri Says:

    Stoked you had an awesome time at Grace, I miss that place too much... I always walked out of there having just undergone a complete re-shuffle in my heart. Good times :)