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Thoroughly recommend you weigh in on the discussions happening in the last three posts over at Servants Thoughts.

Off shortly to Feilding to set up for the Noise event tomorrow. I am looking forward to this day for a whole bunch of reasons - catching up with youth worker mates from around the country, hanging with the Soul Survivor team, getting up to mischief with the guys that are coming. But I am most excited about it because it is once again a small attempt at doing more than just singing and talking about living for others. Its a chance and opportunity to practically do that for one afternoon, with the dream that it spreads far and wide. I love what the guys at City Lights are doing, and if you are in Auckland, I would encourage you to cruise along to their next event on the 13th of Oct.

And lastly, another little yarn about blueprint camp. As part of the camp, we were split into teams from which we would compete in the "Blueprint Olympics". We had to make our own country name, flag, make up a national anthem, write about our history etc.... It was very very amusing to see how warmed up we got about our fake country.

Our Country: Bambia, a little worn torn country in the middle of africa, busy killing each other in a civil war. Main population is some sort of weird Rasta Deer with guns in their antlers. Chief export: Cooties (you know, the cooties you get from girls in the playground). And death.

Will has being busy finishing the flag off the last couple of days. Here are two versions:

And yes, we came second in the blueprint olympics. Awesome. Christians are cool


  1. Blogger Tash Says:

    i'll be praying for you and the crew tomorrow.. bless x

  2. Blogger Debs Says:

    Will your mate be praying for you and us fellow Bamians tomorrow because she thinks we need serious help? Or praying for you and The Noise crew? So hard to tell, so hard to tell.

    Bambia to the DEATH!!!!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Hey Sam, I was just surfing around, but I had to comment on the satanic looking dear flags. The top one is actually a little scarier to me because he looks a little more tame and the gun is not pointing out with ambition, as the TWO guns are in the second dear. However, I know that the top dear means business. He probably stole to gun from a hunter who tried to shoot him. Bambia seems to be a fearful place indeed!

    Have fun.