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Christian Ego

Like a bunch of others I've partially enjoyed watching the comedy unfold in the "new christian party" debacle... until I remember that I'm probably lumped in with them as a "christian" in the mind of average Joe. Its still pretty funny.

But one of the articles on the whole buzz (found here) caught my attention as it made this comment:

The immediate flaw in this Faustian deal with Destiny has become apparent: too many egos, not enough party.

Again, its deep sigh time, in part because of the honesty of this piece. That "we" are known for having an ego rips me. Partly because of the painful journey I have gone through in my own ego being crucified (in part) and the joy, life and freedom found found in the ongoing pursuit of humility. And when you see humility, there is nothing more beautiful (think Paul Potts). And it rips me because you can see Ego a mile away, it smells bad, and it seems to be pretty common in Church these days.
And lastly in this random rant... what makes a political party a "christian party"? Is it because they are anti gay? Or stand for family values? Or anti abortion, or want to defend the rights of the poor? What is it?

The Article goes on to say

The holy grail for all Christians intent on forming their own political movement is the 5% threshold for seats in Parliament. They figure that given roughly half of all voters identify themselves as such, surely if one party could get its act together, getting into Parliament should be a shoo-in.

The reality is, as countless Christian parties have found out, not nearly that simple. For one thing, just because many voters are Christian doesn’t mean they will vote for a Christian party. In fact, some loathe the idea. They want more Christians in Parliament, but not all in one party.

Anyway, I really know next to nothing about politics and 90% of the people that read my blog dont give a rip, and haven't even got this far. If you have... well ... hello : ) But I like that last sentence, and is probably where I sit. It feels more "in the world not of it" styles, it feels more subversive.

“Christian Ego”

  1. Blogger Sharyn Says:

    Ah yes, the new Christian Party. I think the underlying problem with so called 'Christian' parties is that they're based on the assumption that all Christians vote the same way. However, Christianity is not a political position, it's a relationships.

    I have a love hate relationship with politics but the most FRUSTRATING thing is how so many Christians just assume the party line - you know, pro family (WHAT does this even mean?), anti Civil-Unions, pro smacking, right wing economic conservatives. It really pisses me off when Christian parties claim to represent me, because I'm a Christian. I'm glad its falling apart, it would only be an embarressment to those of us crazy Christian Greenies! Lol.

  2. Blogger Lisa Says:

    Yes I did read the whole thing

    The whole christian party thing really made me cringe.

    Firstly I thought it was a joke, then I remembered who we were dealing with.

    I think the problem with Destiny's whole bent is that they are trying to be subversive and that is not any kind of witness at all.

  3. Blogger A. J. Chesswas Says:

    I think this is the result of the "God has a wonderful plan for your life to make you a famous - "the head and not the tail", plus also a strong dose of "ask andI'll give the nations to you" plus a bit of "if my people will humble themselves and pray I will heal their land"...

    These sorts of verses have been plucked out of context and sold as promises to naive and idealistic sheltered little Christians even in Baptist and Anglican churches, let alone those megachurches that are starting to break into politics now...

    So much of our gospel message does nothing but inflate egoes, and tell people they will be "history makers". It goes to their head and this is the result...

    Thankfully the only people fooled are themselves... it is hard to believe they are so wrapped up in themselves to miss how stupid and inconsequential all this is - they're taking themselves so seriously only to be made a mockery...

    sad indeed... I'm not against having Christian parties, and I'm not against personalities like Tamaki and Copeland being involved. But we got to be straight up and honest and tell them they're looking ugly in that dress...

    I'm not against the "Christian party" idea, but I'm def far more in favour of Christians actually getting involved in Labour and the Nats... salt of the earth folks - in but not of - PERMEATE...

  4. Blogger P-Style Says:

    I was going to write a post on the subject when i saw the article on stuff website. Am glad you did Sam, cos you've basically said what I would have otherwise.

    Oh to be back home in a church right now listening to some pastor try to tell people which way to vote!!

  5. Blogger Sam Says:

    Wow Chez... I cant believe I am saying this, but I agree with everything you just wrote...

    A little moment of history, and Chez... some man love thrown in for good measure

  6. Anonymous liacoa Says:

    It was good to see an article in yesterday's paper (under the headline "Churches snub Christian party") stating that the Salvation Army, Anglican Church and Catholic Church have all distanced themselves from the new party...

  7. Blogger Lisa Says:

    actually do you know what this reminds me of?

    Last year for my 300 level history paper I did this really weird research topic (of my own choosing) on the new zealand churches and how they chose to support or not the first world war.

    Some very similar arguments were used vis a vis why christians should be in the world and then certain churches preaching complete seperation..... maybe we haven't learnt anything from history after all

  8. Blogger A. J. Chesswas Says:

    mate we'll have to celebrate this weekend - arrive in Wtn Friday morning prob... b in touch...