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It was loud

Well the second ever Soul Survivor event - "The Noise" - has being and gone and it was an awesome day. I was pretty nervous about how this day would pan out, I struggled to sleep thursday and friday from nerves, which was silly because all the jigsaw pieces were in place for a great day. The nerve racking thing with running any sort of event is the fear that no one will turn up! I remember hanging around at our first festival earlier this year as people began showing up, and it sounds funny, but I was surprised!

Long story short, a great bunch of guys from youth groups around the country turned up on Saturday and spent the afternoon in different projects organised through the churches and the council. I was ssssoooooooo proud of the young people that cruised along to this event. They didnt just go through the motions, but threw themselves into the work, going the extra mile. The icing on the cake were the meetings, cranking worship, and deep "God" times. There are so many reasons this day was very special. Too tired to go into too much detail.

In other news I just stumbled upon the Rolling Stone site which has a track by track preview of Radiohead's new album with high quality bootlegs of the songs live. Its sounding sweet. Check it out here.

Off to Turners Car auctions to hopefully buy a car tomorrow, the once faithful integra is no longer faithful, or road worthy for that matter. Thankfully my mechanically minded brother is coming with me to help me try and find one, or else I would have probably come home with five magic beans instead of a car. Im easily swindlled, and no jack tweety about cars. Hopefully Im posting pictures of the new wheels in a couple of days.

Im tired, and I just realised I am beginning to ramble.

“It was loud”