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Scottie in Mexico

A blog that would be well worth tracking at the moment is that of my great friend Scottie Reeves who is visiting a third world country for the first time for a short term mission trip with Global Tribe. I'm hoping he continues to find the time to post on his blog as his insights are wonderfully honest. The humble yarns of a guy looking to learn from his experience there. Check it out here.

“Scottie in Mexico”

  1. Blogger Sir H C Llenrad Says:

    Small typographical...

    While our former archbishop and governer general had the surname "Reeves", Scottie is in the singular.

    May God bless them heaps in their travels!

  2. Anonymous Scottie Reeve Says:

    Hey Mate
    Cheers for the link.
    Just posted again.
    Hope you're well.
    See that Bishop Turner sees this if he's around.

    Bless you from Baja.