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Please please please be true

I haven't being this excited since... well... I dont think ive ever being this excited.
Rage have featured on my blog here, here, and here... and I am hoping that on both the 19th and the 27th of January (and the maybe the 30th) I will see my favourite band of all time, one that I thought had broken up forever, playing live...

Big Day Out is on in Sydney on January 24 and Melbourne on January 27, and the website suggested this meant that Rage was "obviously one of the headline acts for Big Day Out".

Check out the rumours and murmurings here and here

“Please please please be true”

  1. Blogger Elliot Says:

    Sam, how can you honesly as a Christian like this band? They promote leftist viewpoints and even swear in their lyrics.

    Plus, RATM makes terrible music anyway.


  2. Blogger Sam Says:

    Dear Smelliot

    One more comment like that and you will never be welcome on my blog again.

    Good day sir


  3. Blogger BK Says:

    *giddy with excitement*

    I will fight you elliot

  4. Blogger servant Says:


    You are forgiven.... go and sin no more.

    .... as an aside, was Jesus being unreasonable when he said "go and sin no more"... or is it actually possible?

  5. Anonymous Ben Says:

    I almost got to see them for $30 at the Wgtn town hall back when Evil Empire was about to come out (and they were here to play the big day out, just adding wgtn as an extra). Unfortunatly they canceled at 2.30pm the day before they were supposed to play because they had to tiday some stuff up for the album release.


    Enjoy them for those who couldn't be there...


  6. Blogger Sam Says:

    Servant... your comment got me good!! Im thinking that Jesus was speaking of the sin of adultery that had just being addressed... not every sin. Looking at the context of that particular scripture (John 8) I am picking that this is what was meant. Though as I look through a couple of commentaries, this statement is not explicitly addressed. Argghhh.. Oh wise one servant... what would you say?

  7. Blogger servant Says:

    I dunno bro. That question has me stumped as well.... which is why I asked :)

    You could be right about the context being a cue to what he was talking about.

    I might throw it out there on my blog.