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Do unto others....

So for the last month or so some "friends" of mine from blueprint have being having a bit of fun at their life group and flat by replacing a word in well known christian books with my name and having a good laugh. For example "The Sam I never Knew", "I Kissed Sam Goodbye", "Mere Sam Harvey", "The Problem with Sam", "Every Sam Harvey's Battle" etc etc.

So Scottie has just upped anti - I recieved this a few minutes ago. Mixing the current book thing with his long running joke of me being controversial... I have being cracking up, the cheeky monkey.
And yes I am mildly concerned about how much time he has probably put into this little work of art.

“Do unto others....”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Lets not forget the classics:

    Ordering my private Sam


    Whats so amazing about Sam

    Plus of course, the best seller:

    How to study your Sam

    Ending with:

    Every Sam deserves a chance

  2. Blogger Nathan Bayliss Says:

    Lol!!!!!! I wish I could see the others....