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Cool stuff going on

Like many of us I suspect, I am prone to a bit of discouragement from time to time. The needs of the world around us, the hurt that friends are experiencing, the "constructive criticism" from mates that doesn't feel very constructive, the hurt in my own life starts to build up sometimes to silly levels. I was reminded again today that there are more people in slavery than at any other time in history... I dont know about you, but it feels like there is just so much to do, and that the efforts of those giving themselves to trying to make a difference are drowned in the apathy and selfishness of the world in which we live, not to mention the battle with my own selfish living, my self centerdness etc etc.

And yet we are called to be faithful, in some ways to plod along trying to do our bit. And in truth we see these little glimpses of God's Kingdom here on earth, with little initiatives around the place, and the right conversations beginning to happen. And so here are a few encouraging places that I found positive in the last week...

Debs, one of my hero's (who I have yet to have a decent yarn with, but is someone I respect off the charts) with this great initiative from some of the blueprint ladies. I would encourage you to give to this as generously as you can.

Stu with a great post that deeply moved me, and I think nails it completely. In particular the statement hit home;
Following Jesus will have no value until allow yourself to be overwhelmed by a radical love for yourself, that wrestles with addictions, selfishness, reactions and has an accurate understanding about why you do things you do, doesn’t settle for ‘well this is just who I am’ when it’s not who Christ asks you to be, someone who is transparent and broken, and strong in the spirit, not power hungry or glory hungry but actually content with who you are because God is doing great work inside you

My mate Will has just starting teaching barrista skills to unemployed kids, which is taking off. I am hugely proud of him.

Im stoked about the work of Amnesty International, the foodbanks in many churches including my own, the work of youth workers, social workers, people everywhere who make decisions every week to do something for those hurting, on the fringes, who spend time and money trying to make a difference even when it costs, even when it hurts.

Here are some pics and a letter that were in the local media that were of huge encouragement to me from the Soul Survivor festival. You gotta read the letter! This afternoon of serving the local community was organised by Rebbecca of SSNZ and the local fielding churches.

Some great photos from the festival can be found here if you were not there.

And another article about the event can be found here...

Be great to see these sorts of stories of people trying to make a diffrence amplified, so that more and more people give themselves to serving others... if you have any more yarns that are lurking around then I would love to know.

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“Cool stuff going on”

  1. Blogger Debs Says:

    Thanks Sam I appreciate the link to the valentines day project. Am excited about what this will do for the women.

    Feeling a bit socially inept and inward right now but I know thats because I am preparing for an exam that is on Tuesday. I do hate the pre-exam build up.

    There are SO many wonderful things happening at the moment and when i am feeling re-charged again I will let ya'll know about them. It is good to know that, despite all my complaining and sighing and frustration that most people dont seem to care, there are actually so many people that are doing their utmost to live for Jesus.

    It doesnt matter if you feel about a 3/10 like i do right now, we are not letting the side down or anything silly like that.I think, when you're feeling like crap, just feel like crap and get on with it, cos in general, it is only a short term thing.

    Ok so thats my new t-shirt "Just feel like crap - and Do it"

    And getting on with it could be just sitting around feeling like crap. You dont have to still run around here there and everywhere.

    Christians are allowed days off - amazing i know.

    Dont actually know what im going on about now, just wanted to say cheers for posting the link.

  2. Blogger P-Style Says:

    I'm waiting for Scotty to blog about his theory. . . .

  3. Blogger P-Style Says:


    As per your instructinos, I have "Blogged about it".

    See http://www.enviro-christian.blogspot.com


  4. Blogger Debs Says:

    Sticking to the topic at hand...

    Exciting and encouraging venture number one


    Please do check it out and see if there is room for you to get involved.

  5. Anonymous Will Says:

    Awesome post brother, thanks for the words on the barista program. Its going off! I'll blog about it soon. In the meantime you can check out my thoughts on Sweatshop labour here: