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Tough Questions

Steve Taylor, the resident NZ emerging church ninja has opened a container load of worms (but worms that need freedom, that need a life of fresh air and nice soil, worms who have being locked up for too long) by asking people to post the toughest God questions they have being asked, or have rattling around upstairs. Its going to be a great blog to track for the next little while as Steve asks people to join in him in attempting to answer some of the curly ones.

I like this discussion, because in reality there is a lot of mystery in life and in faith. There is a lot that we dont, and probably wont understand about God and His ways, about life, about death.And we have to learn to live with that. The Eastern Church and the two thirds world are happy to live with mystery, it is part of their world. Not so in the West, and that is something we need to learn to sit with.
So its nice to see a place like Steve's blog where people can voice the doubt, cynicism, questions, queries that they carry. Its not going to change much, but it is going to bring a bit of freedom to have those questions out there. And it will hopefully model that it's ok to have that stuff, in fact the Bible asks us to "work out our faith with fear and trembling". We need to wrestle with the big questions, but that doesnt mean we are going to find the answers to everything. And I would far rather have some doubt and questions and voice them wisely, than play happy christian games wearing a plastic smile and pretending that everything is peachy and im just fine. Why are some christians so afraid of honesty?

Returned from Gissy this morning, the place rocks, the people rock and the training day went really well. Speaking at The Rock church tonight, writing this blog instead of working on talk. Me and procrastination are best buddies.

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“Tough Questions”