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Ive being super slack with this blog... and at the end of the day ive got no excuse - so many of my mates seem to be able to crank really full lives and keep their blog filled with insights and amazing thoughts.  There are a bunch of things i've thought about writing but there is so much happening at the moment that it hasnt being a priority to sit down and write - again I am in awe of a bunch of cats that have way bigger responsibilities and make it a priority.

Anyway, to fill some more space and buy some more time, hows this for a cracker poltical ad.


  1. Blogger Tash McGill Says:

    hahaha giggle.
    your filler is killer.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Just want to say:
    you friggn inspire me.
    Ephesians 4:12 is probably familar to you
    well I think you live it really well.
    and indirectly (I dont go to blueprint but another church) equip me so well as a 'saint' to go out and live the great comission. It is so sobering to have a christian leader who listens to Tool and Rage etc. and not all the mainstream christian crap. which i wont apologise for because it gets ridicolous sometimes. if theres I have learnt from you it would be something like: you can love god AND be real, infact he actually wants us to be real. you said you have heaps going on thats why you havent been blogging, which is forgiveable. but sometimes blogging is sobering and definitely takes off some weight.
    God Blesss