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Whats Happening

Things are pretty manic at the moment, its funny how there are seasons where life is really chilled, and then all of a sudden it goes nuts.
This weekend the blueprint staff, and a couple of elder type figures are spending the weekend praying, yarning and discerning the way forward for us as a church next year.  If you have a moment to pray that we would have wisdom in the calls we make, that would be sweet.  

On Monday I move into my new flat... im pretty amped about this.  I have had rocking flatmates this year but the flat we are in is pretty lame, ive being broken into twice this year, the place is a bit of shambles.  My new flat is in breaker bay in Wellington, here are a couple of pics of the view from my new lounge..

Its gona be a good flat for the surfing, the running and the general mental health.  

On Thursday its off up to Auckland to join the Tearfund guys for a tour round the north Island with a guy called Grant Norsworthy to promote the Soul Survivor festival in January.  Dates and locations are here, im really looking forward to catching up with a bunch of mates over that time.  And the on the 18th of Oct we have a "Soul Active" day in the Manawatu, which again should be freaken sweet.  

So as you can see there is a butt load to organise with all this happening, but its all such amazing stuff to be a part of.  

And here is a cartoon that kinda nails where blueprint is at right now : )

“Whats Happening”

  1. Blogger Tash McGill Says:

    so you're basically in auckland for a whole week?

  2. Blogger Pstyle Says:

    Gee Sam, what's with the cartoon . .. . . . ? ?