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Manic October

October was always going to be a fairly crazy month, I am grateful for pacing myself before silly season.  The last week has been fantastic, but very tiring.  Spending time with a whole bunch of great friends, Tash, Stu, some old family friends, the guys from Life Fm, Aaron, as well as meeting a bunch of people from all sorts of different churches over the last couple of days with the Tear Fund guys.  
In the midst of long days, lots of travel and lots of lugging gear around, the ol brain has being ticking over.  Every night I am hearing this guy Grant Norsworthy talk about worship, and there are a couple of things that have got me thinking.  Firstly this idea of paradox that Grant brings up in his talk.  Its something I have spent a long time chewing over in the past, but again I am amazed at how much of my faith sits within this idea of paradox.  I am again making a list of things that kinda sit in the paradox box in my worldview in my little notebook that may work its way into a talk (and guaranteed to work its way into a few conversations).

And secondly, Grant is a prophet - not in the download from God type of way, but in the "you've forgotten the poor, we need to bring some realignment to what it looks like to follow Jesus" more Old Testament style prophet.  And it makes me uncomfortable.  But I like it even though I dont (ohhh paradox).  Sadly I think that prophets arent really welcome in our churches for the most part.  We dont really like people challenging our culture.  And we all think we are experts.  Not the easiest climate for a prophet to rock on up.  But then again, has there ever being a good time?

“Manic October”

  1. Blogger Rich Says:

    That's good stuff mate, I hear you!
    Similar ideas have been percolating in my head of late - and i've just been given Rob Bell's Jesus wants to save Christians which is excellent thus far. And Francis Chan stretched me with his talk at Worship Central, which I saw here
    Love your work sam, keep it up.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Hi Sam!
    Brooke and I found your post while Googling me (sad, I know) to find an old article from the archives. Wow - thanks for the feedback and for taking onboard some of the message. I think you are right about cultural challenges within the church not being welcome... but we feel like God is doing stuff so it's all good.
    All the best with your Masters,
    Grant and Brooke Norsworthy