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NT Wright once again

I am speaking tomorrow night at Blueprint, which is unusually intimidating for a couple of reasons.  Firstly I am following the exceptional Chris Marshall who has just completed a two week series on the Kingdom of God.  An absolutely outstanding couple of weeks.  Secondly I am attempting to explain concisely and clearly some of NT Wrights theology on heaven, resurrection, new creation, kingdom etc.  Which is a big ask for a simpleton like me.  And thirdly its scary because I have a couple of hours to get the guts of the talk ready, and to be honest I am pretty weary after a couple of weeks on the road.
However I am thoroughly enjoying engaging with NT Wrights writing and thought once again.  
For a bit of a taster I would recommend reading this interview which gives an idea of what his book "Suprised by Hope" is all about.  

“NT Wright once again”