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This Weekend

Im off to Auckland in a couple of hours for the opening of Zeal Waitakere, which will be fun.  Will be catching up with my mate Tash in between Zeal events, and then coming home Saturday night.  I am speaking this Sunday night at blueprint on the topic of Sabbath, which I am real pumped about after listening to a bunch of Rob Bell interviews and reading a book by a jewish rabbi called Abraham Heschel on the subject.  Its a topic Ive flirted with in the past, here and more recently here, and ive experienced the fruit in learning the art of resting well (this is a journey in its infancy, I certainly have not arrived).  It seriously irks me how people consider this "idealistic".  I am aware that we have to battle with guilt in subscribing to this sort of lifestyle, but surely we are meant to be people that walk to the beat of a different drum.  And in a world that is too fast paced, so tired, so busy, we are invited to live a life where we slow down, enjoy our friendships, take a day where we rest, where we do activities that restore our soul, bring us life, rejuvenate us, where we connect with our creator.  
Have a great weekend!

“This Weekend”

  1. Blogger Andy Says:

    I've been wrestling with the whole 'rest' thing.... not so good at it... maybe we should surf somewhere warm...

  2. Blogger Rich Johnson Says:

    Nice to see you... boo hoo.