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Quoatable Warren

“Only secure people can serve. Insecure people are always worrying about how they appear to others. They fear exposure of their weaknesses and hide beneath layers of protective pride and pretensions. The more insecure you are, the more you will want people to serve you, and the more you will need their approval” 
Rick Warren

“Quoatable Warren”

  1. Blogger Pstyle Says:

    Sounds alot like Maslow's Heirarchy of needs to me, whihc has been widely criticised as too simplistic.

    I'd argue that anyone can serve. Just as anyone can lead. These are behaviours and attitudes that are learned. Self confidence is not a pre-requisite to service. Just look at St. Peter, or Moses.

    One of the great christian theological claims is that God can and will use what ever vessel He choses. We are all broken. If Warren want's to restrict service to the few who are complete then he will have a small band indeed.

    I think what's really going on here is Warren is trying to boost the ego's of those who serve by trying to imply that they must already be complete (if they were not secure, they could not serve, ergo they must be secure).

  2. Blogger WhatBean Says:

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  3. Blogger WhatBean Says:

    Often people get promoted in leadership due to skill or talent because there is a need for that particular skill, and it is kinda urgent.
    Sure anyone can lead and anyone can serve, but before insecure people lead (like myself) I really think they need to walk the path of life a bit longer to grow more in God, and when he takes away the insecurity, then that is when that person can serve, not before.
    infact, I think currently-insecure people can serve but I dont think they should lead in a big way, because serving grows yourself while leading grows others.
    if you want to lead people you want to be influencing them right? an insecure person is after the approval of man, so they are more influenced than they are influencing, so their leadership becomes redundant and is just a title essentially, but still dangerous.
    CHARACTER is much more important in a leader than SKILL
    often when choosing leaders, character gets overlooked. particularly for worship musicians. they get their positions because they are good. I know this for a fact because I am one. Sometimes I wish people would give me the hard word.
    Lets face it who would you rather have: a pastor who hungers and thirsts after righteousness but isnt good with words and isnt an inspiring speaker OR one who can sing dance play the fiddle and rouse a crowd, but looks at porn.
    man I really wonder how many pastors look at porn. ever been to a guys panel? the P word gets blown way out of proportion, youll be lucky if any of the other sins get a mention.. but all sins are equal, I mean porn does just as much damage as greed does to africa. of course I used to look at it but its really not a big deal to get over. read a testimony of any ex-porn star who became christian and you have your sincere convinction then you only need gods strength. God can easssillyy get people through it.
    so anyway, god can use anyone to serve like moses who was insecure, you are right.
    but please dont get them leading while they are insecure. if they truly seek god then one day they will overcome their insecuritys, then they will be ready to lead. If they dont truly seeek god and never overcome their insecuritys, then they shouldnt really lead because they dont even seek god.
    so yeah, if possible dont promote people instantly. Process process.
    definitely Disciple them first if possible to see where they are at!
    what a rant. hope the message was kinda clear
    sorry if I missed any punctuation (thats why I deleted the first post) but I am kinda tired.
    ^ ^