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Journey to Follow

I have being meaning to post this for the last couple of days; I would strongly encourage you to head over to the "humanitarian chronicle" to track with Frank as he explores the issue of human trafficking.  
"Poor families are selling their children who are then being used and abused in labour factories, as personal slaves in homes around the world, and in the sex industry. Men and woman are being forced into bonded labour and sex work by draconian creditors as they get caught in debt they can never pay back. The victims number in the millions and profits number in the billions of dollars. Families are being ripped apart and people are needlessly dieing - only to be cheaply replaced by more slaves".

I am looking forward to hearing more from Frank on this, in particular what practical steps we can take as churches and individuals to raise awerness and help fight this injustice at a global scale.  

“Journey to Follow”