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Please pray for Jamie Boyle

A good friend of a bunch of the blueprint crowd, and the blueprint handyman, Jamie Boyle is going into surgery ugently tomorrow morning for a cancerous tumor doctors discovered in his back.  Im a bit hazy on the details, but from what I understand the docs are pretty worried. 

The interesting thing is that myself and Brook (with whom I co-pastor blueprint) bumped into Jamie and prayed for him on Tuesday, at which time he was in a considerable amount of pain, and couldnt work (which is a huge deal for one of the hardest guys blueprinters know).  And the thing that makes me hopping mad is that at that point he had seen two doctors who hadnt taken his back pain seriously - probably because of the work he does, and partly because of the way he looks - kick ass biker beard etc.  And on top of that ACC werent paying him the sickness benefit for the work he couldnt do.  Absolute Shocker. 

If you are reading this in the morning, he is due for surgery at 9am... please pray, be cool to see the christian community, even those that dont know this dude, praying for the surgeons, praying that it hasnt spread to other parts of his body, praying for no long term implications, praying for healing.  

UPDATE;  Cheers heaps to everyone who is praying!!! God is faithful..
Jamies surgery has been put of till this afternoon so he can have it in town on on the neurosurgery ward. This is an answer to pray as he will be in the hands of the finest surgeons. Andy Wordsworth

UPDATE TWO; jamie is doing well post op - Major spinal surgery and already sitting up in bed. Xrays have confirmed that jamie also has cancer in his chest. further tests will confirm exactly what type but the doctors are very confident of positive treatment.
Keep up the prayers

“Please pray for Jamie Boyle”

  1. Blogger Pstyle Says:

    Sam, I hope and pray that surgery is successful.

    Either way it would be great if you could post some more details about this kind of cancer, such as early symptoms etc by way of increasing the awareness of the disease.