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For His Glory

I have being reflecting a bit on what may be our theme for next years Soul Survivor festival "For His Glory". There is a real heavy verse in Isaiah 42:8 that says "I won't let idols or humans share my glory and praise".
Its an interesting one, on one hand it is not saying we shouldn't encourage each other, on the other there is not a lot of room for puffed up pride. In a world that has elevated anyone on a stage, they are words worth reflecting on. I like that as we look to bring God glory it incorporates our character, our serving, our songs, our attitudes, our study - all of life. I think John's words "I must decrease and he must increase" are incredible, though to be honest it looks like most people in the christian scene are often working pretty hard to increase. Anyway, they are not fully developed thoughts at this point, but it has being a good couple of days really reflecting on what this means for me. And the paradox for me has being that this period of reflection on these fairly heavy words (esp after easter camp) has being really healing and given context and perspective to the last couple of weeks charging around. Hopefully at some point in the future I can articulate with a bit more clarity the impact these verses are having...

“For His Glory”

  1. Blogger Tash Says:

    heya.. these are powerful verses and ones that weigh heavily with me as well. it's interesting to watch the tension between these two position s coexist - the 'glory' of Christendom and the 'Glory' of his name. Sounds like a great conversation for that coffee and excellent theming..

    passion do amazing things with this idea of creating fame for God - for the Glory of his name, out of Isaiah 26. not exactly the same as what you're sitting with here, but still interesting.