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Today is a great day for three reasons.
1 we celerbrate that Jesus rose from the dead today. My faith rests on this being true.
2 I finished my talks for the èaster camp I am at. I now get to charge around and enjoy the camp with no responsibilities.
3 lent is over!!!
I just had my first coffee since forever. It was awesome. I missed coffee a lot. I dreamnt I was drinking it time and time again. It is such an amazing drink.




  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    hay Sam! I was at Easter Camp this weekend and i would just like to say you realy touched my heart and help to bring me closer to God with your talks. I also have a request to you um last year I was been struggling with porn and chatting inappropriately online and it was such a relief to find that I wasn't the only one and you had been through it too also to confess it and know that I had been forgiven. I still struggle with it sometimes and i would really appreciate it if you could pray for me to just not be tempted and if i am then to be strong and pull through. Thanks so much...Megan

  2. Blogger P-Style Says:

    So you're back online eh Sam? And back on the coffee too. . . .

    How's things at the print? Say hi to all the folks for me. And thanks for giving me something more to do when should be working.


    rlybnanz - certainly was the mother load!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    hey sam! oi you were awesome at easter camp. you should come speak at hillsborough baptist (auckland)! it would be intensely mint.. plus i think you're either friends or cousins or somethingg with my leader Jono Smith,so basically you have to come.holla!