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Lent 08

I'm having the unusual experience of being an extra on a film at the moment. James Cameron is filming a film called avatar. A whole bunch of the guys from blueprint have done days on the film, and yesterday I was a punter at a bar. It didn't take much work to get in character ; ) Back on set today, working on a talk, doin a bunch of random work as most of the time is spent waiting around in a tent. The fact that 80% of my work can be done from the phone is great. Technology rocks sometimes. At other times the electronic leash is the most frustrating thing in the world.

Lent kicks off today, and I'm giving up all drinks except for water. Good bye beer, coffee, loly water drinks etc. I feel sorry for whoever I am hanging with the next couple of days. I could be a grumpy lad. Can't do these things in halves.
Looking forward to finding out what some the others guys from church are fasting, its cool how lent has become a very popular thing to do, and its great to have such a strong lead up and focus to the Easter weekend. I hope that the coming weeks are a time of deep reflection on the implications of the Easter weekend.

“Lent 08”

  1. Blogger Debs Says:

    I thought a bit about what I could give up for lent. My thing was going to be chocolate. But then I decided against it for the following reasons

    1. I didnt know why I was doing it. "Because my church is" was not a good enough reason.

    2. I was fairly certain I'd fail, that is, eat chocolate accidently in the next 40 days. I dont need another reason to feel like a failure.

    3. I also would have felt like a hypocrite. No, im not reading the Bible, thinking about God (ok thats not true - i often wonder about him and get confused about what it all means) or any other things that Christians often do, or that I once did, etc. Dont know why. Really dont.

    4. If I did it my main reason would be so that my uni friends etc would notice how special and committed I am and look at me as a slightly special person.

    I wanted to WANT to do it, but I didnt, so I didnt.

    Over and Out.

  2. Blogger Sharyn Says:

    Ah yes. My bestie and I usually give up fizzy drinks for Lent but this year we're giving up Takeaways just for something new. All takeaways.

    But Sundays are off, which makes them even MORE SPECIAL.

  3. Blogger Kiri Says:

    I'm with Debs.

    Doing lent to simply prove my creativity by thinking of something "cooler" than everyone else to give up didn't really feel as though it engaged the purpose of lent.