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The Roadie

It finally feels like the brief break before Soul Survivor has begun with the Christmas formalities out of the way. Its time to unwind, kill some small animals and catch a wave or two.

Its got to be something of a kiwi tradition, throwing as much fishing surfing and camping gear that you can in a car, and going feral for a week. Me and my bro are sorting through some gear at the moment, here is a pic of the material needed to survive the next week so far...

Every year a whole bunch of us shoot out to Riversdale beach for New Years. Its got to be some of my fondest memories ever. I reckon that New Years can be a hard time to be a young follower of Jesus; either you are watching everyone go crazy and wishing you could get up to mischief, of you do and know you are going to regret your actions... Anyway, the reason riversdale is such sweet times is that we crank it Jesus styles, its always good times without the regrets. We normally have a worship time on New Years eve before cranking out our white boy dance styles.

Here is a picture of us at riversdale a couple of years ago, New Years eve and the crew are showing what it looks like to have controlled epilepsy!

Blogging will slow down for the next couple of weeks, will post a bit from the festival. Have a good new years!

“The Roadie”