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All time great Albums

Ive being having a few yarns with mates about all time albums recently. The sort of album that is just great from the first song to the last song. The sort of album that when you discover a friend hasnt heard it, its almost an insult, and you are tempted to march them to a store to buy it straight away because the thought of not having it in your life is simply tragic. Im talking about albums that you just gotta have on your ipod, albums that you should go and download from itunes without hesitation. And so Ive being collating a list in my head with this blog in mind. My motivation is partly pure - there may be albums in my list that you havent heard and it would be very cool to introduce you to them. But its mainly selfish - I want to hear about new albums I should have on my ipod. And im not talking about albums like ac/dcs back in black, or pink floyds "the wall", or sergant peppers. Im talking about those sort of albums that may have flown under the radar a bit. For my friends reading this from overseas, there are a bunch of kiwi albums in the mix that are worth have a crack at.

So hear is my stab at this list, naturally its subject to my (very broad) tastes in music so if you don't like it... well... cry me a river : )

Ben Folds - Rockin the Suburbs (my hooks than a long line)
The Black Seeds - On the Sun (one of the phattest dub-reggae-funk albums around)
Breaks Co-Op - The Otherside (flippin good kiwi beach style mellow tunes)
Conray - mefalaslate (a relatively unknown kiwi - some cool electronica)
Dc Talk - Jesus Freak (i know, fillpin 90s boy, but damm its a great album and im surprised by how many haven't heard it)
Death Cab for Cutie - Plans (if you dont have this album on your ipod, I dont want to talk to you ever again)
Dire Straits - Love over Gold (mock on)
Eight - Moving (one of the best kiwi bands in recent years)
Eric Clapton - Unplugged
Fat Freddys Drop - Based on a true story (another classic kiwi album, hard to pin a genre on this)
Jet - Get Born (brilliant aussie rock)
John Mayer - Continuim (it took me a long time to get into Mayer, I thought he was a bit of a tool, but this album is awesome)
Mutemath - Mutemath (surprisingly, it only just makes it on, mainly because of how much I think of the live show when I listen to it. Bring on their next album)
P.O.D. - Satellite
The Phoenix Foundation - Pegasus (Another kiwi stunner, amazing album)
Radiohead - Ok Computer and In Rainbows (pink floyd of the 90s, and the new album is the best of the summer)
Rage against the Machine - every album (suprise suprise)
Salmonella Dub - Inside the dubplates (if you dont live in NZ, this is a pretty huge album well worth getting especially if you are into dub)
Story of the Year - Page Avenue (im not normally into this style, but this album is produced like nothing else I have heard, and im into the songs)
Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
Switchfoot - The Beautiful Letdown
Tool - Lateralus (the metal version of pink floyd)

So there we go, the list as it stands at the moment.

Im really really interested in hearing what your particular list would be, drop a comment or blog it and let me know. Hook a brother up!

“All time great Albums”

  1. Anonymous Kiri Says:

    In this order:

    Michael Franti & Spearhead "Stay Human" ...seven years after first hearing it and it still gets me.

    Joseph Arthur "Come To Where I'm From". Love it.

    Benny Tones "Earth Tones" (Relatively unknown Kiwi producer, taking earth sounds mixed with dubby beats - Stellars Kisses in particular soundtracked my time in Bistachap, Nepal, perfectly)

    Ray LaMontagne "Till The Sun Turns Black" and "Trouble" (both equally fantastic despite the difference in the tone)

    There are others but they don't quite hit my own personal perception of classic.

    That is all :)

  2. Blogger Sam Says:

    Im going to throw in Live - throwing copper.. probably should have made the list

  3. Blogger Naomi Says:

    To appeal to your broad tastes I would recommend a bit of hip hop thrown into the mix. I'm a big fan of the oldies - de la soul, public enemy and old snoop dogg. Right now I'm listening to an album from Jurassic 5 - Quality Control. It's a few years old now but seriously awesome, great lyrics and accomplished musicians. I have a HUGE list that I won't bore you with!

  4. Blogger Edmond Says:

    Mute Math!!! 200+ total play count in my iPod and not getting tired of listening to it.

    Hey, i'd rather blog about this, once my "word-tiedness" wears off. (Hehe, just invented a word to describe my lack of words)

  5. Blogger Andrew Says:

    There are very few complete albums that I love. Here are a handful that come pretty close:

    Ben Harper – Fight for your mind (early Ben Harper, more raw than his later stuff)
    Cibo Matto – Stereo Type A (typically quirky Japanese rock)
    John Mayer Trio – Try! [Live] (I love how three guys can make such a full rounded sound)
    King’s X – Dogman (a nice bit of hard rock to get my head banging)
    Maceo Parker – Funky Music Machine (toe tapping old school funk from the sax player from James Brown’s band)

  6. Blogger P-Style Says:

    If i was only allowed to listen to 7 albumns these would be them;

    Beck - Mutations
    Phoenix Foundation - Pegasus
    Foo Fighters - the colour and the shape
    Portishead - Glory Box
    Portishead - Portishead
    Massive Attack - Mezzanine


    Zen Electric - Debut Album (if one ever gets released, I'm sure it will be ground breaking, mind blowing wonderment).

  7. Blogger Tash Says:

    way way way too hard.
    i had to stop at some point, but I've not even included Neil Young or James Taylor. ugh.

  8. Blogger Will Says:

    10 most influential albums (I think) for me:

    Radiohead - OK Computer

    Coldplay - Parachutes

    Sigur Ros - ()

    Korn - Follow the Leader

    Rage Against the Machine - Self Titled

    Jeff Buckley - Grace

    Deftones - White Pony

    Jakob - Cale Drew

    Che Fu - 2 B Spacific

    Silverchair - Frogstomp

    In hindsight, it's nice to see two NZ artists in there!

  9. Blogger the ROCK says Says:

    MAN!!!! I haven't even heard of a lot these albums...or artists!!

    Sorry bro but I'm RnB to my heart...

    Moownphilly - Boyz 2 Men (vocally the best group ever!)

    Babayface Unplugged - Babyface

    8701 - Usher

    History - Michael Jackson (easily the best performer I've ever seen in real life...probably not saying a huge amount though)

    Not in my top list but Navigator - Che Fu was a good album too.....

    Just to put some soul in your list brudda :)

  10. Blogger the ROCK says Says:

    Aaarrrggghhhh...just read my comment

    **Motownphilly - Boyz 2 Men